History of the medical disposable gloves

1. History of the origin of disposable gloves

In 1889, the first pair of disposable gloves was born in the clinic of Dr. William Stewart Halstead.

In the process of surgery, disposable gloves can not only ensure the flexibility of the doctor's hand, but also greatly enhance the health of the medical environment cleanliness. Disposable gloves in the surgeon in this group are widely popular.

In a long-term clinical trial, disposable gloves were also found to have the function of isolating blood-borne diseases, and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration included personal protective equipment when an AIDS outbreak occurred in 1992.

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2. Sterilization

Disposable gloves born in the medical industry, the sterilization of medical gloves is also very stringent, the common sterilization techniques are the following two:

1) Ethylene oxide sterilization - the use of medical sterilization of ethylene oxide sterilization technology can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial spores, but also to ensure that gloves are not subject to damage;

2) Gamma-ray sterilization - radiation sterilization is the use of electromagnetic radiation generated by electromagnetic waves to kill most substances on the microbes. It is an effective way to inhibit or kill microorganisms to achieve a high degree of sterilization purposes, after gamma-ray off Bacteria gloves are generally slightly gray.

3. Classification of disposable gloves

As part of the population has natural latex allergy, glove manufacturers are constantly giving a variety of solutions, which derived from a variety of disposable gloves.

According to the different material, disposable gloves can be divided into: Nitrile gloves, Latex gloves, PVC gloves, PE gloves ... ... from the market trend point of view, nitrile gloves gradually become mainstream.

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