Introduction to the clever use of disposable 1mL sterile syringe

1mL sterile syringe

Introduction to the clever use of disposable 1mL Auto-destroy Syringe (anorectal diseases)

With the development of medical science, disposable sterile syringe is widely used in clinic. The disposable 1mL sterile syringe is not only used routinely (for skin test and preventive inoculation), but also can be used for anorectal disease patients to apply medicine in the anus. It is safe to use, easy to operate, strictly prevent cross-infection, ensure the safety of patients and improve satisfaction. The traditional method of applying medicine with cotton swab or wearing gloves directly with the index finger, there are safety risks, easy pollution, depth is not easy to the affected place, stimulation, increase the patient’s pain. In January, 2009, September, 2011, I used a disposable 1mL sterile syringe to administer medicine for anorectal diseases, which is safe to use, deep and in place, less irritating, comfortable for patients and easy to operate.

The introduction is as follows:

Materials and methods: The disposable 1mL sterile syringe produced by Orientmed was used to check the package was intact. Within the validity period, the outer package was removed, the needle was removed and put into the sharp instrument box. The prepared drug was directly extracted and placed into the anus, pushed while retracting.

2. Advantages: safe to use, easy to operate; Prevent cross infection, patient comfort; Stimulation is small, depth is in place.


Auto-destroy Syringe

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