ORIENTMED could give a short delivery on 1ml syringe


1ml luer lock syringe

ORIENTMED expanded its 1ml syringe production line. Production capacity has more than doubled. Although the production schedule is relatively full. However, ORIENTMED promises that once the customer places an order, it will give priority to the customer to deliver 1 million disposable syringes within a week.

Why ORIENTMED can deliver 1 million syringes in a short time? Because we have dedicated 4 production lines to guarantee the delivery date of 1 million syringes to our customers. Because we deeply know that the general customers are more anxious to order goods. So our strategy is: first help customers deliver 1 million syringes within a week, and these syringes are used for urgent hospital use. The remaining orders will be completed within 30-40 days. This strategy not only helped our customers get their customers’ orders, but also solved the situation of no syringes available in the hospital.

Therefore, to choose us is to choose success. We can help customers make more solutions to solve the shortage of more 1ml syringes.

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Post time: Apr-16-2021