What is the principle of nano spra gun?

What is the principle of nano spra gun?

Nano spray gun with UV light


The definition of atomization technology is to take DU and use an ultrasonic transducer, also called a wafer, when the circuit drives the wafer, the wafer vibrates, the water above the vibration into very small particles, the diameter of which reaches nanometer level. It looks like a cloud of fog, and then through a small fan, blowing into the room. That’s why it’s called nano atomization.

Atomization principle: using the inherent ultrasonic oscillation characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics, through a certain oscillation circuit means and the natural oscillation frequency of piezoelectric ceramics resonance, can directly contact with the liquid piezoelectric ceramics atomized into 1–3μm of tiny particles.

Such as:Nano spray gun is the principle, ultrasonic oscillation circuit, the transmission to the surface of a piezoelectric ceramic vibrator, the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator will result in a change to the axial mechanical resonance, this change of mechanical resonance transmission to contact with liquid, the liquid surface uplift, and around the uplift of the cavitation occurs, the shock wave produced by the cavitation will with the vibration of the oscillator frequency is repeated, the finite amplitude of liquid surface of the capillary wave. The heads of these waves disperse, atomizing the liquid and producing a large number of negative ions.


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